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Lucky Horseshoe Earrings - For Felix <3
  • As many of you know or can gather, there is nothing I love more in the world than my animals. They are an essential part of my family. And my many side hustles are what allow me to afford my many, MANY animals… Recently my horse Felix needed an emergency trip up to Tufts Large Animal Hospital. As you can imagine no one wants to play God or wants to make a decision on a beloved animal's life based on money. But I knew Felix deserved the chance to try to get better. So I put him on a trailer,  held my breath, swiped my credit card and 9 days later my guy was thankfully back home. 


    While I'm more than happy to have my Felix home, I've been left with quite the vet bill that I really can't afford. However, I’d like to think I’m a hard working girl, and this merely means I need to step up my game. I have decided to feature a small line of jewelry dedicated to my horsey friends and my guy Felix. Felix is derived “from a Latin word meaning “happy, lucky.”  So I decided to go with the lucky horseshoe! Each pair is adorned with small rhinestones in a silver toned setting.  They are $20 each including shipping and or delivery. All proceeds will go directly towards Felix's Tufts vet bill and in the future, other horses in need. The earrings are listed at:




    Or directly venmo me or PayPal me with your mailing address.

    Venmo: MissPizzle


    Lucky Horseshoe Earrings - For Felix <3