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Floral Cocktail Cubes
  • Elevate any occasion with floral-infused Cocktail Cubes! Add a cube or two to champagne or muddle a few with seltzer or your favorite spirit for a beautiful floral finish to any libation. Naturally colored and flavored. Crafted using only organic Rose petals, all-natural extracts, and plant based ingredients. 


    1.5 oz jar contains about 20 cubes


    IMPORTANT - We never use any artificial colors or stabilizers, so while the flavor will last forever, the unique colors from the flowers used may fade over time. Fading is accelerated by exposure to sunlight, so we recommend that you store jars in a cool, dark place. Different plant and floral varieties produce different colors so color will vary and that is natural. Expect to find plant matter in our products - plant matter can be colorful or brown, green, grey, and black.
    Made in United States

    Floral Cocktail Cubes